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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hari Bapa untuk Ayah

1st of all, I would like to remind myself that the father's day for me is every day, 24/7.. non-stop!

However, for today, I would like to wish a Happy Father's Day to my beloved Ayah..

You are my hero, moreover, Emak's hero which always with us, be a man in the family. Wish you a happy life, long live and may ALLAH bless you in every way you do/did..

Thanks for everything, and thanks to be my Ayah since over 20 years ago. You always be my hero, always in my heart.. every day I 'solat', you and Emak are always in my 'doa' because I love you both so much..

Happy Father's Day..

added|sentence: my Ayah is outstation lorr.. and I am not 'gaji' yet to give you some present(s) and so do you, right Ayah? Heh.. maybe we'll get some dinner together once you come home!

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